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  Handbook of legal procedures
  Legal aspects of computer-related crime in the information society/EC Legal Advisory Board

For Reporting:
In Greece, law enforcement is organised by the Ministry of Public Security.
Policing is carried out by the Hellenic Police. Each crime is prosecuted either after
the victim has pressed charges, or at the District Attorney's own initiative.

The Ministry of Public Security - Hellenic Police can be contacted at the following coordinates:
4 P. Kanellopoulou St.,
GR-10177 Athens
T: +30 210 697000
F: +30 210 6912661 or + 30 210 6920487
URL: www.ydt.gr

  • You can find out more about our Legal Procedures of Computer and Network Misuse in Greece here
  • Legal Issues
  • European Union directives

    Information Technology Crimes
    Alexandras Ave. 173
    GR-115 22 Athens
    T: +30 210 6456440
    F: +30 210 6430238

    Hellenice Data Protection Authority
    Kifisias Av. 1-3
    GR-115 23, Ampelokipi, Athens
    T: +30 210 6475601
    F: +30 210 6475628
    E: contact@dpa.gr
    URL: www.dpa.gr

    National Authorities in Network and Information Security in Greece

    Ministry of Transport and Communications
    General Directorate of Communications
    2 Anastasseos Str
    101 91 Papagou, Athens
    T: +30 210 650 8809
    F: +30 210 650 8549
    E: ict@yme.gov.gr
    URL: www.yme.gov.gr
    ICT Strategy/ICT Technical Regulations.

    General Secretariat for Information Systems, Ministry of Economy and Finance
    1 Chalandri and Thessalonikis Str,
    186 46 Athens
    T: +30 210 480 2000
    E: info@gsis.gr
    URL: www.e-oikonomia.gr
    Design and Implementation of Information Systems for Tax Offices

    National Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT)
    60 Kifissias Avenue,
    151 25 Maroussi, Athens
    E: info@eett.gr
    URL: www.eett.gr
    National Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications responsible for the monitoring
    and implementation of competition legislation on the electronic communications sector.

    National Intelligence Agency, Ministry of Public Order
    4 P. Kanellopoulou Str,
    101 77 Athens
    T: +30 210 697 7000
    F: +30 210 691 2661
    National Intelligence.

    Ministry of National Defence
    Hellenic National Defence General Staff/Military Intelligence Joint Directorate/SEC-CI Division
    Stratopedo Papagou,
    ST G 1020, Athens
    T: +30 210 657 2179
    F: +30 210 642 6432
    National Intelligence.

    Other bodies and organisations active in Network and Information Security

    Foundation For Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH)
    Vassilika Vouton,
    P.O. Box 1385
    711 10 Heraklion, Crete
    T: +30 2810 391 500
    F: +30 2810 391 555
    E: central@admin.forth.gr
    URL: www.forth.gr
    Network development and NIS Research.

    Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET)
    56 Mesogeion Av.
    Ampelokipi, 11527, Athens
    T: +30 210 747 4274
    F: +30 210 747 4490
    E: info@grnet.gr
    URL: www.grnet.gr
    Network development and NIS Research.

    General Consumers' Federation of Greece (INKA)
    7 Akadimias Avenue
    GR-10671, Athens
    T: +30 210 363 2443
    F: +30 210 363 3976
    E: inka@inka.gr
    URL: www.inka.gr
    This is a consumer organisation. Its aim is to protect and educate consumers.

    Association for the Quality of Life (E.K.PI.ZO)
    43-45 Valtetsiou Str,
    GR-10681, Athens
    T: +30 210 3304 444
    F: +30 210 3300 591
    E: info@ekpizo.gr
    This is a consumer organisation. Its aim is to protect and educate consumers.

    E: info@saferinternet.gr
    URL: www.saferinternet.gr
    It is part of the European internet safety network INSAFE within the framework of the Safer Internet Programme which aims to promote safer use of the Internet and new online technologies, particularly for children, and to fight against illegal content and content unwanted by the end-user, as part of a coherent approach by the European Union.

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