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Safeline - A Greek active hotline in the fight against cybercrime
NoAH-European Network of Affine Honeypots
Lobster-Internet traffic monitoring system
FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams)
TI (Trusted Introducer)
A common language for computer security incidents (pdf)

Alerts & Warnings

Microsoft Patch Development Process
Secure Coding Whitepapers
The dark side of the Internet

Mozilla Vulnerabilities


Crypto-Gram Security Resources
Internet Day highlights web risks
Broadband Internet can spur anti-poverty efforts, UN agency says
Text Mining and Cybercrime (pdf)
The password thicket:technical and market failures in human authentication on the web (pdf)
Software Integrity Controls - An assurance-based approach to minimizing risks in the software supply chain (pdf)
ICMP Attacks against TCP (pdf)
Google confronts China's 'Three Warfares' (pdf)
Internet Governance: Creating opportunities for all (pdf)
Sophos Security Threat Report 2011 (pdf)
Cisco 2010 Annual Security Report (pdf)
Top 10 Security Predictions For 2011-Informationweek

Best Practices

European Commission Security Taskforce
Intelligence Analysis for Internet Security
Managing the threat of Denial of Service attacks (pdf)
Countering Cyber war (pdf)
Consumer Report: Social Insecurity. What millions online users don't know can hurt them
Good Practice Guide for Incident Management-ENISA

Tips for Starting a Security Incident Response Program


Find the complete list of Information Security books in Amazon
Understanding Internet Security eBook
Defending yourself in the Information age eBook

Bugs and Fixes

RIPE Network Coordination Centre
My SQL security update
Fix found for Net Security Flaw

Email Security

Email spoofing
Digital signatures graphically explained
Hotmail passwords leaked online


E-Commerce Directive EC
ISO27001 Information Security
Security Taksforce from EU
Inhope-International Association of Internet Hotlines
Handbook of Legal Procedures (pdf)
Legal aspects of computer-related crime in the Information Society/EC Legal Advisory Board
ISPs could face piracy saunctions - UK
German court limits cyber spying

Incident Report

Jail sentence for botnet creator


Forthcoming Conferences/Events
FORTH Cer in FIRST members list


Intrusion Detection: Implementation and Operational issues
USA Computer Crime and security survey 2007

Australian computer crime and security survey 2006


Spyware (pdf)
Botnets as a vehicle for online crime (pdf)
Defending yourself - the role of Intrusion Detection Systems (pdf)
The Melissa virus (pdf)
Web browsers leave fingerprints behind as you surf the net


Microsoft baseline security analyzer
Information Security Handbook: a guide for managers (pdf)
Sample of an acceptable use policy by SANS institute (pdf)
Information Security policy by SANS institute (pdf)
Every small business needs a privacy policy
Security Onion


ebusiness forum project
ERCIM-European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics
FORTH-ICS research positions


Take this security test
Safe Internet for kids
Police notebook
Windows Security and Safety
Web-based malware infections rise rapidly
Microsoft Online Safety (family safety)


Guide to Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems (pdf)
Sophos technical papers
Sophos web seminars
Mac security for web developers
Usable CVE Security vulnerability Data
Seven Cyber scenarios that should keep you up at night
Computer Based social engineering tools:Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)
Conflicker summary and review (pdf)

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